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The 14 Funniest Anime Villains of All Time

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Anime villains don't always have to strike fear into the hearts of viewers - they can also make them laugh. For this list, we're going to take a look at funny anime villains who brought levity and fun to their respective series - even if they were wreaking havoc at the same time.?

Some of these hilarious anime villains aren't especially formidable - Gentle Criminal and La Brava?might make you snicker a bit, but they're not a serious threat. Other villains are funny while also being terrifying - Frieza from?DBZ?has some great sarcastic quips, but you should still probably take him seriously.

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  • With a name like Buggy the Clown, you have to expect that he'd be funny as heck. But rather than dedicating himself to amusing children, Buggy wants to be revered as the strongest person around. He spends most of his energy talking himself up to anyone who will listen. Like the other One Piece villain on this list, he's super sensitive about an aspect of himself - in Buggy's case, it's his red nose. He gets angry when he thinks other people are talking about it, and in some cases he even gets angry at other people when he talks about it. He's a formidable villain, but the focus on his sillier behavior makes him a little less threatening than he otherwise might be. 

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    Barry The Chopper - 'FMA: Brotherhood'

    If you watch the 2003 anime, Barry the Chopper is more terrifying than fun, but in the manga and in Brotherhood he provides a heck of a lot of comedy for a serial killer whose soul is bound to a suit of armor. Though he tries to seem terrifying, he doesn't make much of an impact on Alphonse. His response is to go on a rant about why Al should find him scary, and imitate the screams he should be emitting in response to a revived criminal. The fact that FMA managed to create humor in the midst of horror is a testament to the quality of the show. 

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    Team Rocket - 'Pokemon'

    Team Rocket - 'Pokemon'
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    One of the greatest things about Pokemon is Team Rocket, the group who is constantly trying to steal Ash's Pikachu. The team consists of the hot-headed Jessie, the flamboyant James, and the sarcastic talking cat Meowth. The three of them are highly dramatic people who announce their presence with a prepared speech. They rarely succeed at their goals, and often end up being blasted into the sky after being attacked by the Pokemon they're trying to steal, but they never give up despite setbacks.

    Watching them posture and fail is one kind of funny, while watching them display their unique personalities outside of thieving is another kind. Seriously, who doesn't love seeing James' cross dress?

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    Tobi - 'Naruto'

    Once Obito Uchiha drops the Tobi act, he immediately stops being even remotely amusing. But while he's still acting like Tobi, he's totally goofy. His Tobi persona was vain and silly. He could often be found chowing down on dango, making fun of Deidara, or making absurd jokes. Deidara found him infuriating, but Kisame appreciated his lighthearted vibe. This alternative personality likely stems from Obito's original childhood personality, which was also on the funny side. 

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